Year 4 children at Eastchurch School drew images and captions on an outdoor art-board to inform parents and visitors about renewable energy.

The 2006 Ashden Award to Eastchurch Primary School recognised how it had developed a culture of good energy housekeeping amongst young pupils.

Eastchurch Primary serves three villages on the Isle of Sheppey. Although there is seasonal employment in tourism, this is a relatively poor area. Since 1998, the school has improved the efficiency of the fabric of the buildings, and encouraged the careful use of energy.

If you save energy, you won't have to pay a lot of bills and everything. It's good to save energy because if we use too much of it, it runs out.

Year four pupil

Update: what happened next?

The Ashden Award fund was used towards a 6 kW wind turbine, which was installed during the Easter holidays in 2009, and officially opened (to the accompaniment of steel drums!) in July. EDF and other sponsors co-funded the turbine.