Pollution kills million of people every year. Emissions from old fashioned cook stoves and petrol-powered cars put many of us in danger. Sustainable energy protects us from these threats – and enables better healthcare, particularly for the world’s poorest people. 

Sustainable energy also limits the impact of climate change, and the health risks it brings. 

Women and girls are most at risk from polluting cook stoves. Ashden Award winners are helping people around the world switch to cleaner and safer models, but the sector still needs billions of dollars of investment. We have pledged to give clean cooking innovators and game-changers support at every level.

Energy is also a critical enabler for vital healthcare services – keeping equipment working, lights on and vaccines cool. The Ashden Award-winning Chhattisgarh State Renewable Energy Development Agency has transformed healthcare in one corner of India. 

Other Ashden Award winners are tackling air pollution through innovation in sustainable transport - including public bike schemes, smart bus services and electric cars. Energy-efficient buildings and action on fuel poverty are two more ways of boosting our health.

It’s clear we need to speed up our efforts so I’m calling on the government to match my new level of ambition for London and to work with me to improve our city’s dirty air and to make sure we get within legal limits much sooner - before the current target of 2025.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London