Renewable energy is the production of heat and power from low carbon and renewable sources, which reduces transmission losses and, over the longer term, can lower the cost of energy. It’s an important part of the global energy picture and can range from solar panels on the roof of a village hall to owning a share of large-scale wind-energy developments.

Locally managed and owned energy schemes are a way for communities to make a difference locally on an important global issue as well as retain the revenues from renewable energy projects within the community.

Social businesses like Ashden Award winners Low Carbon Hub and Repowering London are decentralising ownership of energy resources and reinvesting surpluses in community-benefit activities like fuel poverty alleviation and energy efficiency projects.

Without community energy we will struggle to keep the benefits of local energy generation in local economies, and we will struggle to meet the commitments we signed up to at the Paris climate conference at the end of 2015.

Low Carbon Hub's Community Energy Manifesto