Customer Omowa C. Adeyinka shows his Lumos system in his office

Nigeria is one of the largest economies in Sub-Saharan Africa yet approximately half the 186 million population lack any electricity. 

The national grid power, 85% based on fossil fuels, is notoriously unreliable so many people rely on small petrol generators or lead acid batteries as a back-up. 

There is a clear need for a clean, reliable and affordable energy service. The need is particularly acute around the Niger Delta, a poor region with a history of conflict around oil production and the lack of associated wealth dissemination, as well as a huge electricity deficit.

It is a challenging area to work in and so has been overlooked by most off-grid energy service providers. 

Testing and repairing Lumos systems in the tech lab

Quiz Questions

Write your answers in a word document or use pen and paper. For more information and research see here.

  • What is the usual method of generating off grid or back up electricity in Nigeria? Watch the film at the top of the page for help. 
  • Why do so many people In Nigeria rely on small generators or batteries?
  • Give 3 reasons why solar power is a good alternative source of energy? 
  • What is the main disadvantage with solar energy? 
  • What is the capitol of Nigeria? Why might energy demand be high there?
  • Why is Nigeria an ideal location for Solar Power?
  • Name two other forms of renewable energy 


  • Produce a visual infographic of your own to show the key facts - use numbers and percentages and graphs If you can. 
  • Design a poster to advertise the solar power. 
  • Create a comic strip or diagram to show how the solar power works. 

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Quiz Answers

  1. Portable generator, powered by diesel
  2. The national grid is made up of 85% fossil fuels and is notoriously unreliable
  3. Clean, Quiet, Renewable, Emission Free
  4. Can only be generated during daylight hours
  5. Lagos is densely populated and growing fast
  6. Long hours of daylight throughout the year
  7. Wind Power, Hydro, Geo-Thermal