Has your council declared a climate emergency? Do you need to develop a climate action plan? 

We've come up with 31 actions that can immediately help.

To help councils to deliver their climate action plans, Ashden and Friends of the Earth have put together an evidence-based list of the most effective actions councils can take on climate.

These 31 actions are quantified in terms of likely carbon savings, approximate cost and co-benefits. They also point to examples of best practice around the UK. Because we know one size does not fit all, our ‘Ashden town’ consists of 100,000 residents in order that data can be extrapolated to fit the size of your town or city.

We have looked for real examples of where these actions have been implemented, wherever possible, and have used the best data we can find but have had to make a range of assumptions. 

(Please note that every council is different and figures can't necessarily be scaled up or down directly in proportion to a council's size.)

The actions are downloadable as an Excel spreadsheet below that can be filtered for ease of use - for example by type of council or by low cost actions. 

We'd love to hear your feedback - please send us your comments or suggestions.