African utilities face high operating costs and payment collection rates of less than 50%, leading to under investment and, as a result, huge unmet demand in many parts of urban and rural Africa. SteamaCo's products help utilities to tackle these challenges, enabling them to work efficiently at scale, even in locations with scarce connectivity.

SteamaCo won an Ashden Award in 2015 for their micro-grids that use an innovative cloud-based remote metering and payments system that monitors energy use. People can pay using their mobile phones, and the system quickly troubleshoots problems. This allows them to overcome issues of reliability and so far they have supplied 55,000 PAYG meters in 10 countries. 

New products

Edge 6, with Install Assist

The world’s most data-efficient smart meter is now half the size and half the weight, with powerful new features that keep operations running when connectivity is scarce. Edge 6 offers a suite of loss protection features including an anti-tamper immobiliser, anti-tamper screws and meter bypass detection. And each device comes with a QR code for easy scanning and commissioning with Install Assist.

Site Maps

Site Maps improve the speed and effectiveness of field work. Field technicians use Install Assist to activate meters, select networks and commission sites faster. Meanwhile, Site Maps plot the latitude, longitude, signal strength and commissioned status of each meter, helping to coordinate work across multiple sites.

Bluetooth add-on

Edge 6 sends energy data and notifications directly to Bluetooth-enabled smart phones and in-home displays in its local vicinity. The Bluetooth add-on gives utility consumers a free, wireless way to access meter data and communicate with their utility. Free on-demand balance checks help consumers understand their energy use, while automatic payment confirmations and low balance notifications enable consumers to self-serve.

Harrison Leaf, CEO and Co-Founder at SteamaCo, said, "Edge 6, Install Assist and Site Maps are our latest contribution to Africa’s remarkable infrastructure development. Being largely unconnected to grid power, Africa is the world’s hotbed for distributed energy innovation and SteamaCo's exciting technology
advancements are leading the industry in energy and workforce automation.”

Applications are currently open until December 11 2019 for the 2020 Ashden Awards. If you know of an organisation or project using energy innovation to improve lives, increase energy access and tackle the climate emergency - send them our way!