His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, a long term advocate for the environment, spoke at a reception launching Ashden’s new three-year strategy. The strategy focuses on two main approaches, Liveable Cities and Sustainable Energy for Inclusive Development, incorporating Ashden’s support programmes and Awards.

His Royal Highness Prince Charles, who is Ashden’s Patron, said: “there are few causes more important than promoting a zero carbon future”.

He added: “As the most recent IPCC report makes very clear, to avert a climate catastrophe the world needs to move much further, much faster.”

Sustainable cities, cleaner energy

The event at Clarence House on December 11 brought together 80 high-profile guests with an interest in sustainability and clean energy – including investors, campaigners and policy makers. Ashden Founder Director Sarah Butler-Sloss spoke, followed by presentations by two Ashden Award winners – UK software business Demand Logic, which makes commercial properties more energy efficient, and India-based Ecozen, which cuts food waste with solar-powered cold storage.

Ecozen Co-Founder Vivek Pandey said: “It was an honour to meet His Royal Highness, who showed his passion for sustainability and determination to tackle climate change. We discussed the growth of Ecozen and the rise of solar energy in India and around the world. Winning an Ashden Award has opened up so many opportunities for my organisation and given us a platform to share all we have learned.”

His Royal Highness said: “I’m so pleased to see that Ashden is using this occasion to launch the new strategy, which focuses on ways to make our cities more sustainable and to bring sustainable electricity and clean cooking solutions to many millions of people.

“I’m also delighted to hear that Ashden will be working to inspire change at a local, national and global level, to bring their knowledge and their winners’ stories of success to the attention of policy makers, investors and financiers.” 

Ashden “absolutely vital”

The Prince described Ashden’s work as “absolutely vital”,  adding he was proud to be the organisation’s Patron – a role he has held for more than a decade.

He said: “The challenge facing our world could hardly be more urgent. But through the sort of smart, practical solutions that Ashden champions we can rise to that challenge and in so doing we can secure the future for our children and grandchildren to inherit”.

Find out more about Ashden’s strategy and mission here.

His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales meets Ashden Founder Sarah Butler-Sloss and Ashden Award winners Vivek Pandey, Ecozen Co-Founder, and Sonny Masero, Chairman, Demand Logic.