Harriet Lamb, most recently CEO at the peace-building organisation International Alert, and formerly head of Fairtrade International, will join Ashden as CEO from today, 13 May 2019. 

Sarah Butler-Sloss founded Ashden in 2001 and has since built a network of 215 sustainable energy champions whose outstanding work in the energy access and sustainable energy fields has saved millions of tonnes of CO2 and positively transformed nearly 90 million lives.  

“I cannot imagine a better person than Harriet to steer the Ashden ship. Her experience and renowned commitment to international development and raising awareness for climate change will ensure that Ashden rises to the climate change challenge. Harriet’s appointment comes at an important time – with a strategy designed to focus where the need is urgent and the potential for impact is great, we are poised to play our part in creating liveable cities and increasing access to sustainable, affordable energy. I look forward to working alongside her as Ashden’s Chair of Trustees.” 

Harriet is widely recognised for the strides she has taken in Fairtrade, and she is the winner of a number of awards including a CBE. She was named Orange Businesswoman of the Year, Cosmopolitan EcoQueen, Red Magazine Hot Ethical Woman and she is the first woman Honorary Fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. 

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