The Ashden team eating dinner around the campfire

Mike Pepler organized a fantastic camping weekend for the Ashden team at his woodland near Rye. Along with the chance to test out some of our winners' solar products, explore the woods, eat a tasty vegetable curry and tell some very questionable jokes around the campfire, the weekend included a zip line, air rifle shooting, and chain sawing for those of us who always fancied themselves a lumberjack.

LEFT: Sunking solar lamp sold by Ashden Winners Greenlight Planet and Mobisol RIGHT: Lumberjack training

Here’s a summary of what the Ashden team learned:

  • A zip line definitely needs a break system (see video)
  • Air rifles, despite their misleading name, are actually very heavy
Ellen finds her calling
  • It takes eight people to fit a huge airbed into a two-man tent: two to manoeuvre it in, and six to watch and document the ordeal
Alex lends a hand with the air mattress
  • You can open a wine bottle with just a shoe and a tree (see video)
  • Clean cookstoves are much nicer to cook on than an open fire
Breakfast was cooked on a clean cookstove, similar to the stoves produced by 2017 finalist ACE
  • Despite what some people say, halloumi and marshmallows should not be eaten together (neither should beans and chocolate)
The A-team has some excellent camouflage skills

Thanks for an awesome weekend Mike!