St Columb Minor School pupils have made a real impact on their school, home and community. Watch their short film to see all the ways they tackle saving energy in their school and how they have come up with a clever School Pledge song.

Activity ideas

  1. What does pledge mean?
  2. Listen to the children in the film singing/rapping their school pledge near the end of the film. Write down as many things as you can that the children promised to do at school in their song.
  3. Think about your home (or school). List 3 things or more that you could pledge to help the environment.
  4. Design a catchy song or rap to promote your pledge. You may want to record yourself performing it!

Ideas for pledge:

Write a short song or poem, draw a poster to help people to know about your pledge!

You may not have a wind turbine or solar panels but think about what you can do at home to help the environment and save energy. Look at simple things you can do to make a real difference to cutting electricity use - lights or other electrical things left on, reduce your heating, consider reduce/reuse/recycle in your home or school. 

Think of catchy and funny phrases or props to include in your pledges to get people’s attention and encourage them to join in too!