We are partnering with the Centre for Alternative Technology to host the first in our series of one-hour Zero Carbon Britain-themed interactive webinars. 

These will feature speakers with practical experience of implementing projects at local council and community level, with proven potential for widespread roll out - supporting the economic recovery from COVID-19, getting us closer to net zero and increasing our resilience as a society.

This first webinar is focusing on sustainable transport and will feature:

  • Ollie Pendered, Riding Sunbeams and Chief Executive of Community Energy South, sharing his experience of instigating solar PV generation fed directly into the rail network.
  • Jane Sherry, Behaviour Change Project Manager at Waltham Forest Council, sharing her experience of increasing active travel in this London Borough which won Local Authority of the year 2019.

Find out more about Riding Sunbeams.

Find out more about Waltham Forest.

Hear about the challenges which have been overcome, the potential for jobs creation and co-benefits, ask questions, and interact with other participants to consider what needs to happen to replicate these projects elsewhere.

Further webinars in this series will be announced shortly, contact Cara.Jenkinson@ashden.org to subscribe to the invite list for these webinars.