Reliable, clean energy is at the heart of achieving many of the Sustainable Development Goals, not least SDG3; Good Health and Well-being. Energy and health are inextricably linked - the quality of the energy system has a direct impact on the quality of people's health.

In cities, sustainable transport and buildings are crucial to tackling poor air quality which is rapidly being recognised as one of the greatest health crises of the 21st century.

With reliable electricity, vaccines can be stored effectively, babies delivered safely and even the most remote communities can access the healthcare they deserve. Replacing open fires and traditional wood and charcoal stoves with cleaner cooking solutions tackles not only the indoor air pollution that contributes to 3.8 million deaths every year, but deforestation too.

We hosted an evening of discussion with health and energy experts to understand better the nexus between energy and health – and what needs to be done to accelerate progress.

Keynote speaker: Dr Maria Neira, Director, World Health Organisation 

Presentations from:

  • Dymphna van der Lans, CEO, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves
  • Hosted by Edie Lush, Journalist