An ever-increasing percentage of our population live in cities and they host the majority of businesses and innovation. As a result, they have become central to decarbonising the UK. However, financing the projects that will accelerate and achieve that transition is a growing challenge.  

Options abound, from incubators, to supporting clusters, to divestment, to accessing more traditional forms of finance for the climate challenge. But they are complex and often opaque.  

Our expert panel to discussed routes to financing climate action in UK cities and the challenges their leaders face in accessing what they need. Discussion with cheese and wine and lively conversation with policy makers, funders, investors and sustainability experts followed . 

Chaired by Emma Howard-Boyd, Chair of the Environment Agency, the panel included: 

  • Bruce Davis, joint Managing Director at Abundance 
  • Justine Leigh-Bell, Director of Market Development, Climate Bonds Initiative 
  • Victor Gancel, Programme Manager – Low Carbon City Lab, Climate-KIC 
  • Manisha Gulati, Programme Manager, Cities Finance Programme, C40  

This was an invitation only event.

This is a past event. If you would like to learn more you can read about our liveable cities programme here or please get in touch with