Ashden conferences and events

Ashden events and conferences showcase sustainable energy leaders and provide a forum to debate the challenges to creating a low-carbon world.

2017 Ashden International Conference

Come and hear our winners and industry experts talk on Scaling Clean Energy Innovation: Expanding markets, reaching new places and developing local capacity.

2017 Ashden Awards Ceremony

The must-attend event in the sustainable energy calendar where 11 trailblazing organisations will be crowned this year's Ashden Award winners. We are delighted that former Vice-President of the USA Al Gore will be the keynote speaker. Thursday 15 June 2017.

Ashden International Conference 2016, Moving up the energy ladder: how can we amplify electricity access?

How can people in off-grid areas climb the energy ladder, and faster? And how do we combine grid and off-grid electricity? Join the discussions on Tuesday 7 June.

Ashden/Arup Conference February 2016, Tackling energy demand and management to achieve real reduction in non-domestic buildings

Designed by Ashden and Arup, this one day conference will offer new ideas, solutions and expertise from the best in the sector. An accompanying exhibition and unrivalled networking opportunities will inspire you to make the moves to achieve real energy reductions in your buildings.

Ashden UK seminar 2015, Power Struggles: Overcoming the barriers to sustainable energy

Find out how some of Ashden’s 2015 UK Awards finalists are overcoming the barriers to scaling up sustainable energy and helping accelerate the transition to a low-carbon world.

Ashden Conference 2015, The Business of Energy: Enterprising solutions to the energy access challenge

Across the developing world, enterprising businesses are innovating with technology, marketing and business models to bring clean, safe energy to millions. But how realistic is it to expect the private sector to solve the poor’s energy needs?

Ashden Conference 2014, Fully charged: Sustainable energy for women and girls

With our morning session focusing on international finalists, an afternoon panel discussion hosted by BBC broadcaster Dame Jenni Murray discussed the financial, health and social benefits of clean energy for women and girls.

Ashden Conference 2013, Are we on the brink of a sustainable energy revolution?

The 2013 Conference asked whether we are on brink of a sustainable energy revolution. With presentations and films from all the year’s UK, travel and International winners, we also heard from the finalists of our Awards for Small Island Developing States.

Ashden Conference 2012, Sustainable energy for all

2012 was the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All, and our conference focused on how to make universal energy access a reality.

Ashden Conference 2011, Clean energy – the power to change lives

13 Ashden partners as well as our winners participated in this conference. Jonathon Porritt, Founder Director of Forum for the Future and Ashden Trustee gave the keynote address. Panel discussions covered the Green Deal and local energy.

Ashden Conference 2010, Local solutions to climate change

Our 2010 Conference included presentations from Ashden winners d.light, the Rural Energy Foundation and the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust, as well as other winners from 2010. Panel discussions about carbon finance and policies provoked lively debate.