Ashden Awards Ceremony 2012

Who can apply for a UK Ashden Award

  • Businesses, which must have employees in the UK and be providing their products or services in the UK, although their headquarters may be in a different country.
  • Social enterprises, which must have employees in the UK, and be working in the UK, both for-profit and not-for-profit, including community groups.
  • Not-for-profit groups, which must have employees in the UK, and be working in the UK, such as charities, energy agencies or housing associations.
  • Public sector organisations in the UK, including local authorities, higher education establishments, hospitals, fire services police services etc.

Who can apply for an International Ashden Award

  • Businesses, NGOs, social enterprises and government organisations
  • The application can be for a specific renewable energy or energy efficiency programme, enterprise or building, or for a specific product or service. This may be the whole work of an organisation or part of it.
  • The work must be proven on the market and have been delivered for at least one year.
  • The work must be delivered in at least one of the UN’s developing regions of Africa, Caribbean, Central America, South America, Asia (excluding Japan) and Oceania (excluding Australia and New Zealand) and can be in rural or urban areas. High-income countries in these regions, as defined by the World Bank, are not eligible to apply. 

Who can't apply

  • Pilot or demonstration projects - applicants must have products or services currently available to customers, clients or beneficiaries.

To be shortlisted for an Award, the applicant must:

  • Be delivering demonstrable benefits to the environment. We need to see evidence of the energy generated or saved, greenhouse gas emissions reduced and any other benefits.
  • Have the capacity to create significant impact. We are looking for winners that have potential to create significant impact in terms of sustainability, and are willing to work with Ashden after winning an award.
  • Be working towards financial sustainability. We are looking for efficient use of funds and evidence that future funding is being sought, whether from sales, grants or any other source. Organisations can be for profit or not for profit.
  • Show an innovative approach to sustainable energy. Although many Award winners use established technologies, there must be innovative aspects to the winner's work as a whole. These could include using novel approaches to marketing; new ways of engaging with communities; technical developments; training; or skills development. Award-winning work must add something to what past winners have shown.
  • Be delivering social or economic benefits to individuals, communities or businesses. For example, urban or rural regeneration; improving working and living conditions; reducing fuel poverty; creating jobs and improving business practice; or improving energy security.
  • Be able to demonstrate it has the capacity and commitment to make the use of sustainable energy more widespread. Award-winning organisations must demonstrate good governance and management, an established and continuing commitment to sustainable energy, and a willingness to work with partners.
  • Be able to contribute to Ashden's mission, which is to encourage the growth of sustainable energy to tackle climate change and bring social and economic benefits to millions.