2017 Ashden Awards

The shortlist for the 2017 Ashden Awards has been announced and 22 pioneering sustainable energy organisations and programmes are in the running for one of the sector’s most prestigious gongs.
Futurepump’s solar irrigation pump is transforming farmers’ lives in Kenya.

2017 Ashden Award shortlist announced

The 2017 Ashden Award judges have narrowed down the finalists for this year’s Awards to 22 impressive organisations, covering what they consider to be the best in sustainable energy around the world.

From solar powered irrigation pumps for smallholder farmers in Kenya, to large-scale battery storage in the UK, electric waste collection vehicles in India to a smart thermostat for social housing, the 2017 Ashden Award shortlist are all at the cutting edge of innovation.

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We are delighted that former Vice-President of the USA, Al Gore will be the keynote speaker of the 2017 Ashden Awards Ceremony.

Come along to hear his views on the progress since the historic agreement made at COP21 in Paris last year, how the current political environment will affect efforts to encourage divestment from fossil fuels, and how this year’s winners are contributing to the fight against climate change.

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