Angaza won an Ashden Award in 2018

Our Journey

The Ashden Awards were established in 2001 to show how sustainable energy can transform lives. Over the last 18 years we have established an incredible track record of awarding, highlighting and helping scale enterprises whose solutions and business models have been at the forefront of a global energy revolution.

As scientific evidence clearly shows the urgent need to radically decarbonise, we are stepping up to the challenge. We are building on the wealth of knowledge, insights and ideas generated by our winners to significantly increase our impact on the ground – connecting more key players, asking more questions and calling for action nationally and globally, to achieve sustainable energy for all.

Sustainable energy brings immediate benefits including better health, jobs, housing, transport and public spaces. But these benefits are not yet properly studied, costed or publicised – and doing so wins public support for the changes that can ensure our survival. Governments need to make sure laws and taxes encourage climate action by the private sector, public sector, civil society and individuals.

Sarah Butler-Sloss and Christiana Figueres with 2018 Ashden Award winner Christian Benimana from MASS Design 

Creating impact

Ashden is at the heart of a network of innovators and pioneers, business supporters and financiers. We support our winners to maximise their potential for impact; convening and brokering the connections they need to succeed.

Through our annual awards process we discover and promote innovations and solutions from around the world that promise a better, brighter future. We provide insight into the challenges and opportunities they face. In the hands of decision makers, this evidence is a powerful tool for change, creating an environment where others can flourish.

And we are catalysts: we will take our winners’ stories and use our insights to create compelling narratives that shows the need for a greater flow of finance for the sector.

Rachel Kyte, U.N. special representative for sustainable energy and chief executive officer of Sustainable Energy for All, speaking at our joint Seven for 7 event in New York

Our focus is where the need is urgent and the potential for impact great: creating liveable cities and increasing access to sustainable, affordable energy. In each case, we see massive potential for rapid change and transformational benefits for millions of people. From rapidly growing cities to the most remote rural communities, access to sustainable energy systems powers an equitable, healthy and decarbonised society.