2016 winner Bridges to Prosperity


The Ashden Awards were established by Sarah Butler-Sloss in 2001. Sarah is a philanthropist who had been supporting a range of environmental initiatives since the 1990’s through the Ashden Trust. 

Having seen for herself the impact of clean energy technologies on off-grid communities in Africa, and frustrated by the lack of attention being given to their potential to transform lives, she seized the opportunity to make the first Ashden Awards to four African clean energy pioneers at the 2001 Whitley Awards ceremony. 

By 2003 the Ashden Awards were established as a stand-alone ceremony and the UK awards had been added. Since then more than 200 winners from across the world have lifted a coveted Ashden trophy.

Sarah Butler-Sloss at the 2016 Ashden International Conference

After a few years of making awards we realised the enormous potential to do more with our winners so we established our support programme and re-branded to Ashden. Initially the support programme focused on supporting the winners immediately after their win but over the years more programmes have been added and have become a thriving part of the organisation including LESS CO2 and the Fit for the Future Network.


We believe that sustainable energy can have a transformative impact on individual lives and worldwide. As well as being essential to tackling climate change, it also improves health and well-being, increases education opportunities and boosts local economies. 

How we work

Our rigorous annual Awards scheme uncovers the best in sustainable energy and showcases their potential to an influential audience at a high-profile ceremony. Uniquely, we continue to work with our winners after they have won to help them scale up their work and share their learning with others.

By giving our winners an established platform we offer policy makers, the media, educators, investors and academics a unique resource of proven examples of sustainable energy in action. Our conferences, reports, photographs, films and detailed case studies create a rich resource of freely accessible information to help us all create a future with sustainable energy for all.

Suraj Wahab Ologburo of Toyola Energy Ltd receives the 2011 International Gold Award


To encourage the growth of sustainable energy to tackle climate change and bring social and economic benefits to millions.