Cleaning solar panels in Abbs, Yemen

Thank you so much to every one of you that has helped us raise an incredible £56,000 towards our £60,000 target. We now have just £4,000 to go and would love to reach our goal by the end of the week. Join us on 2 July to find out the winner of our Humanitarian Energy Award and donate if you can. 

Fleeing conflict and crisis, the world’s 80 million refugees face huge challenges. For many, these include going without clean, reliable energy.

Millions live with no way of heating their draughty flat or weather-beaten tent. With no way of charging their phone to call loved ones. With fewer ways to earn a much-needed income.

But progress is possible. And you can make a difference by supporting the Ashden Humanitarian Energy Appeal, which aims to raise £60,000 for the 2020 Ashden Humanitarian Energy Award.

Your gift will help us promote the power of clean energy to protect and change lives – something absolutely crucial when refugees face such huge, unprecedented challenges.

The award finalists include an innovative solar microgrid project in Yemen, run by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Years of conflict has left the country desperately hungry. Work is scarce – for many people, food is available but punishingly expensive.

That’s why the UNDP has helped people set up community-owned solar microgrids, bringing refugees and non-displaced people together. These creates much needed incomes for grid owners, and much cheaper electricity for their neighbours.

One grid in the Abbs district is owned and operated entirely by women, a radical act in a country with strict gender restrictions. It’s been a long road – as the grid manager says, “they made fun of us, that we want to do men’s work”. But now the whole community benefits, and the women who made it happen are role models.

Our award will deliver a package of support to the winning organisation, including a direct cash grant, and also help Ashden raise awareness of energy innovation benefiting refugees. By helping organisations grow and replicate their work, we can connect more displaced people with clean energy.

So please help us power up the spread of refugee energy solutions – solutions needed now more than ever.

If, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we receive more than we need, your donation will be put towards funding one of Ashden’s other programmes.