Our children are fired up and ready to take on the climate crisis. Despite their passion for sustainability, many face lessons in draughty classrooms and stuffy schools where energy use is much higher than it needs to be.

This doesn’t just drive deadly climate change – it leaves cash-strapped schools facing higher bills.

Your gift will help us deliver our proven LESS CO2 schools programme – which helps teachers take practical steps to cut classroom energy use. The result? Reduced emissions, lower bills, and a generation of inspired children.

Beacons of hope

Schools make up a big part of our national carbon footprint – there are more than 100,000 school buildings in the UK, and for most schools, energy and utility expenses are second only to staff costs.

They are also hubs of our towns, cities and villages. Greener schools can be a beacon in their communities, inspiring change across generations.

Proven success – plans for the future

Since 2013, Ashden’s LESS CO2 programme has run in more than 450 schools and helped more than 190,000 pupils learn about energy savings and sustainability. Its efficient peer-to-peer learning model has helped save schools an average 12% of their carbon emissions in the first year of taking part.

Working with partners, we want to make sure every UK school creates zero carbon emissions by 2030. However, with 28,000 in the UK we have a long way go, and we urgently need your help.

Pupil power in action at Marton Primary School

Help UK schools get to zero carbon by 2030

A gift of £50 will provide a teacher with valuable learning resources to help them implement climate change and sustainability into different areas of the curriculum.

A gift of £150 will buy a school a visit from an energy expert, to deliver an assembly that inspires behaviour change in staff and students.

A gift of £500 can provide schools with a full energy audit and report including a personalised roadmap to sustainability.

A gift of £1,000 will allow one UK school to participate in Ashden’s year-long LESS CO2 programme.

Choose your own amount.

Thinking bigger

As well as delivering LESS CO2 to schools and children across the UK, we are aiming to develop a set of online resources to guide schools who cannot participate in the programme but want to become more sustainable, and need quick and easy steps to reduce their carbon.

And with your support we want to aim bigger and higher – piloting innovative approaches to decarbonising school buildings. We are also creating a coalition across government, education, civil society and the private sector to tackle this vital issue. We need key voices to talk to each other, share budgets, and drive systemic change and climate action in schools.

If you would like to talk to one of the team about our schools programme, find out how we can work together, or even sign your own school up for the programme, contact Alex.Green@ashden.org