Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network, Cornwall, UK
Creating an energy-smart town

Cornwall has some of the best renewable resources in Europe, including sun, wind, tide, wave, geothermal and biomass – yet most of the energy that towns like Wadebridge use comes from far-off energy companies.

Since its creation in 2011 this co-operatively owned social enterprise has rapidly galvanised residents and businesses in the 8,000-strong market town to get involved in generating their own energy – and using it wisely. To date 6.5MW of renewable energy has been installed.

With one in ten people in Wadebridge now members of WREN and many small businesses installing renewable energy, the town provides a shining example of how people can take control of their energy, tackle climate change and save money to boot.

Download the full case study PDF for this project:

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The WREN stand and SuperWREN are fixtures at local events in Wadebridge. Credit: WREN.
Local farming families have installed solar to save on bills and generate income.
WREN's Chairman Stephen Frankel says its model turns energy from an individual cost to a collective asset.
Prof Stephen Frankel
Chair of Board of Directors
Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network
Hamilton House The Platt
PL27 7AA Wadebridge , Cornwall
United Kingdom