University Hospital of South Manchester, UK
Britain’s greenest hospital spends money on services not energy

By investing money to save energy and winning the hearts and minds of staff, UHSM has achieved cuts of more than 35% in gas and electricity use over the past five years, this year saving some £390,000 on fuel bills, which can be ploughed back into frontline services. After gaining Board approval of a Carbon Management Implementation Plan in 2007, technologies such as biomass boilers, heating system upgrades, new lighting, windows and insulation have been introduced. The hospital’s combination of new technology, energy saving measures and behaviour change activities are a shining example of a logical approach to retrofit that’s eminently replicable across the NHS.

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UHSM present a memorable demonstration of energy wastage.
Scaring pigeons is done in a sustainable way at UHSM.
Steam meter at UHSM: upgrading the steam distribution system was one of the most important energy-saving measures undertaken
Paul Featherstone
Director of Estates and Facilities
University Hospital of South Manchester
Wythenshawe Hospital Southmoor Road
M23 9LT Manchester
United Kingdom