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Solarcentury, London, UK

Solar power for homes and businesses

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Solar PV roof, Boatemah Walk social housing development, Lambeth, London.

Solar power's contribution to electricity in the UK is still relatively small. But with growing pressure to cut carbon emissions from buildings, along with rising electricity prices and the Feed in Tariff, solar solutions are at last taking off.

Solarcentury has been at the forefront in showing the practical and effective ways that solar systems can be used in buildings across the UK - even in crowded urban locations. The company has developed a range of top quality solar products for integrating solar systems into a wide variety of buildings. These include solar PV panels and tiles, solar water heating and mounting systems. All are designed to be simple to install so that traditional roofers can fit them with little training. Working closely with building developers, local authorities, engineers and architects, Solarcentury has installed systems for homes, schools, businesses, hospitals and even prisons.

According to David Pretty, Chief Executive of Barratt Homes "New home buyers are pleased with the aesthetics and particularly impressed that solar tiles can save them money. We're doing this not just because it makes commercial sense, but because we believe it makes sense for the future. It will help to shape the homes we'll build for the future."

The process of choosing solar power also tends to encourage people to become more aware of their energy consumption. Each Solarcentury installation includes a meter to show the electricity generated.