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Seaton Primary School, Devon, UK

Caring for the future by cutting carbon

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Seaton primary school boasts its own wind turbine.

Seaton Primary School in Devon lives out its school motto of 'Caring now for the Future', and the visible evidence of this is its use of renewable energy technologies. A 2.5 kW wind turbine and a 4.7 kW PV array on the roof of the school hall supply electricity directly to the school and have helped reduce CO2 emissions by about 2 tonnes a year. In addition, 48 m2 of solar water heating panels heat the school's outdoor swimming pool.

But other, less obvious, aspects of the school are even more important. Classroom Energy Agents help to reduce energy waste and the after-school Eco Club regularly monitors energy use. A 2006 Energy Audit resulted in a host of energy efficiency measures. The school has an orchard to provide fruit for pupils and save food miles, and a grey water collection system to supply the school wildlife pond and demonstrate small-scale water power.