Forest Fuels, Shropshire, UK
Green fuel heats up the Midlands

A number of businesses and councils have successfully switched from oil, coal or gas to wood fuel for heating. But others are waiting for wood to become more mainstream and user-friendly. Forest Fuels (FF), previously Midlands Wood Fuel (MWF) is bringing this prospect closer by giving customers a reliable and high quality supply of wood fuel, and also the option of paying per unit of heat rather than per tonne of wood, to simplify their financial planning.

FF produces wood chip and buys in pellets, and sells to over 100 homes, businesses and public sector customers such as schools and libraries. The wood comes from sustainable sources and has been seasoned for a year before it is chipped, to make it burn more efficiently. Frequent testing of samples ensures consistently high fuel quality. The company’s nine depots are sited near clusters of customers, to minimise the carbon impact of transporting the fuel and the cost of deliveries.  

During 2010-11 FF supplied 5,253 tonnes of wood fuel, mainly wood chip, across the Midlands. By replacing fossil fuels this saved about 3,700 tonnes of CO2. The business is expanding into North West England and Wales, and expecting a major boost from the arrival of the Renewable Heat Incentive in 2012.

Update: Having joined forces with Forest Fuels in July 2016, Midlands Wood Fuels now operates under the name of Forest Fuels.

Download the full case study PDF for this project:

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Logs are stacked for a year to dry before they are chipped
Delivering a hook-lift bin of woodchip to a leisure centre
Recording the weight of fuel after oven-drying, to check moisture content
Ewan Bent
Commercial Director
Midlands Wood Fuel
The Barns Harnage Grange
SY5 6EB Shrewsbury , Shropshire
United Kingdom