Monodraught Ltd, High Wycombe, UK
Innovative ventilation and cooling system

Cooling and ventilating commercial buildings drains money and energy. Monodraught’s COOL-PHASE® low-energy cooling and ventilation system reduces the running costs of buildings, creating a fresh and healthy indoor environment.

Through its novel application of phase-change material (PCM) technology in a thermal energy store, temperatures are kept within a comfort zone, while energy consumption is reduced by up to 90% compared to conventional cooling systems. Indoor air quality is also improved as the system monitors and responds to CO2 and humidity levels.

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Assembling the air handling unit for a COOL-PHASE system.
Installing the COOL-PHASE ventilation system.
Monodraught's technical director Nick Hopper.
Nick Hopper
Technical Director
Monodraught Ltd
Cressex Business Park
HP12 3SE High Wycombe , Buckinghamshire
United Kingdom