iDE and Hydrologic, Cambodia
Protecting health – and Cambodia’s forests

The NGO iDE and its for-profit subsidiary Hydrologic Social Enterprise’s energy-saving ceramic water filters mean rural families have safe drinking water without using wood to boil it – so protecting Cambodia’s precious forests as well as health. The affordable filters are sold to NGO programmes, and via shops and rural sales agents. With about 90,000 filters in use, some 420,000 people have safe drinking water on tap. As well as saving children’s lives and improving household productivity, the impact on the environment is equally impressive: the use of largely unsustainable wood is being reduced by about 18,000 tonnes per year, with annual savings of 41,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

2015 Update

Hydrologic have sold over 410,000 filters to date, with around 138,000 still in use.

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Mr Soeun's daughter has not had diarrhoea since they bought a ceramic water filter
Producing ceramic pots for the water filters in the Hydrologic factory
Boiling water to make it safe to drink used precious resources of wood
Michael Roberts
iDE and Hydrologic
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