IBEKA, Indonesia
Community-owned micro hydro

With over a third of the population in Indonesia lacking grid electricity, off-grid hydro schemes are bringing its benefits – like good quality light, TV and power tools – for the first time to remote communities, creating new livelihood, leisure and educational opportunities and a window on the wider world. The not-for-profit People Centred Economic and Business Institute (Institut Bisnis dan Ekonomi Kerakyatan, IBEKA) is responsible for developing the schemes, which are owned and managed by communities. IBEKA also develops on-grid schemes, which provide an income to communities from selling electricity to the grid. With 61 hydro schemes installed so far, 54,000 people currently benefit.

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Relief valve, penstock and powerhouse of the 11 kW microhydro at Palanggaran
The tailor can deliver work more quickly with electric power for the sewing machine
Thanks to IBEKA, the remote mountain village of Ciptagelar has electricity
Mrs Trim Mumpuni
Executive Director
Jalan Madrasah 11 no 10 RT 03 RW 02 Kelurahan Sukabumi Utara
11540 Jakarta