Greenlight Planet
Brightening life for the hard to reach

By developing and manufacturing reliable solar products Greenlight Planet is on a mission to deliver light that everyone can afford. With sales to date of over five million solar products across 40 countries, the organisation is well on its way. Greenlight Planet carefully selects partners who can distribute to the most remote regions. Their nine Sun King products range from the smallest US$8 lamp up to the US$125 solar home system (three lights and two charging sockets). Pay-as-you-go is available for lamps as well as the more expensive systems bringing solar within reach of many more low-income families.

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Dressmaking by the light of a Sun King Pro lamp, Chakhmakha village, India
Greenlight Planet agent installing a solar PV panel at a customer’s home, Rwanda
Sun King light in temple, Chakhmakha
Patrick Walsh
Greenlight Planet
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