GIZ and INTEGRATION, Afghanistan
Brighter prospects in rural Afghanistan

The German government development enterprise GIZ and consulting engineers INTEGRATION are bringing electricity for the first time to the remote Badakhshan and Takhar provinces in North East Afghanistan, by constructing new off-grid hydro schemes that are capable of weathering the most challenging of circumstances. Each scheme is managed by a local leaseholder who employs a team of operators. Responding to local sensitivities, all communities get a share of construction work, and training in productive uses of electricity is stimulating the growth of small businesses, offering a viable alternative to growing opium. Working with the Afghan Government, the partners have so far installed six micro-hydro plants and mini-grids with total capacity 1.3 MW, providing 24-hour electricity to 63,000 people in their homes as well as to 645 small businesses and 110 public buildings.

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Adjusting the inlet valve on the hydro turbine at Feyzebad
Although remote and with a harsh climate, Badakhstan has plentiful hydro resources
Carpenter Mohammed Amir can now use an electric-powered lathe
David Hancock
Programme Director
Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
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