Ghent City Council, Belgium
Making cycling the new normal

Ghent City Council has broken down the barriers to cycling and moved it into the mainstream, with a range of initiatives on infrastructure, bike availability and information designed to get people out of their cars and onto their bikes. Infrastructure change includes creating a car-free city centre and a 300 km network of cycle lanes. Subsidised bike hire-and-repair facilities at universities and colleges make it easy for students to opt for cycling, and a hire facility at the main railway station is accessible for both residents and visitors. Innovative marketing and information campaigns have helped reinforce cycling’s dominance in the city. Nearly a fifth of all journeys to work and school are now made on two wheels and 7,000 bikes are regularly parked at the railway station.

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Cycling is the new norm in the City of Ghent
Cycle and pedestrian routes make for a liveable city
'I'm a cycle activist' - promoting cycling in Ghent
Patty Delanghe
Communications Manager
City of Ghent Mobility and Parking Department
Ramen 21 Box 201
9000 Ghent