Frontier Markets
The female face of clean energy in India

In India, villages are dispersed and the terrain is rugged with patchy roads. Despite these challenges, Frontier Markets focuses on reaching the poorest and most remote areas. The business offers a unique distribution model to provide high quality solar lamps and other solar systems to hard-to-reach villages, using a network of trained women called Solar Sahelis to be the face of their marketing and after-sales service. To date, Frontier Markets has sold over 127,000 clean energy products in Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh.

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‘Solar Sahelis give a ‘dark room demonstration’ of solar lights
Darka Devi, Frontier Markets customer, and her children with their Rakshak torch
Solar retailer in Dhoddsar Village, India
Ajaita Shah
Frontier Markets
R-15, Yudhisthir Marg, Near Sikha Hotel C Scheme, Ashok Nagar
302007 Jaipur , Rajasthan