ENWORKS partnership, Manchester, UK
Promoting energy efficiency in businesses

Over one third of energy use in the UK is in the business and commercial sector. Each year around £6 billion is spent on energy. But £1 billion of this is wasted through inefficiencies, so there is huge potential for saving energy and money in the sector.

To tackle this challenge head-on, the ENWORKS partnership is working with businesses of all shapes and sizes to reduce their carbon footprint and cut waste. Their highly effective Resource Efficiency Programme works closely with each business carrying out audits, bringing in specialist advisors, providing a telephone helpline and finding ways to help them save energy, water and materials by improving their manufacturing and operating processes, and making their buildings more energy efficient.

The technology that makes the approach so successful is the ENWORKS Online Resource Efficiency Toolkit. This is used to identify ways in which each business can save resources, and compare the savings, payback period and environmental benefits of each option. The biggest surprise for many taking part is that making these changes is relatively easy and painless, and saves them money. Behavioural changes cost virtually nothing, and even when businesses invest in new equipment the payback is often quick - on average just six months

Download the full case study PDF for this project:

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Support from ENWORKS has helped Tullis Russell Coaters to cut energy and water use
Recycling cardboard at South Liverpool Commercials after advice on energy and waste savings from ENWORKS.
Disposing of waste oil at South Liverpool Commercials, one of ENWORKS' customers.
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ENWORKS partnership
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