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Dulas, Powys, Wales

Employee-owned renewable energy business

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Dulas has a PV array as the roof of its bicycle shed

Dulas, based in mid-Wales, is an employee-owned business. Now nearly 30 years old, it has built up a wealth of practical experience in all aspects of local renewable energy. Its work in the UK includes micro-hydro (design and installation); wood-fired heating (design, installation and management); wind (monitoring, environmental impact assessment and installation of small systems); and solar energy (installation and provision of wholesale supplies to other installers).

Dulas also supplies about three quarters of the world demand for PV-powered vaccine refrigerators, to organisations such as the WHO and UNICEF. These are used in off-grid areas, and are a vital part of mass immunisation programmes, because vaccines must be kept cold right up to the point of use if they are to be effective. Similar refrigerators are used for blood products.