D&E Green Enterprises, Haiti
Quick-cooking stoves that help protect Haiti’s forests

Inspired by the achievements of Ashden winner Toyola Energy in Ghana, in 2009 the Haitian entrepreneur Duquesne Fednard founded a business to help create jobs and cut fuel bills on the island, by making and selling quick-cooking charcoal stoves.

But after the earthquake destroyed his newly built factory and equipment, Duquesne was on the brink of giving up. His staff persuaded him to carry on, and makeshift production started in tents. They were right to do so – despite a further setback when the tents were shredded in last year’s hurricane, the business is now doing well, selling 33,000 stoves over the past three years, helping ease the strain on Haiti’s severely depleted forests.

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Stoves are currently produced by hand: tents that had provided some shelter after the factory was destroyed were then shredded by a hurricane.
Cooking on an EcoRecho. A traditional stove is used as a stand
EcoRecho stoves for sale in Port-au-Prince
Duquesne Fednard
D&E Green Enterprises
59 Rue Oswald Durand
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