Currie Community High School, Edinburgh, Scotland
Scottish students have fun with carbon cutting

Carbon saving is an important and enjoyable part of life for pupils at Currie Community High School near Edinburgh which has a long-standing commitment to the environment. Pupils track energy use and make pledges to save energy at home. Simple energy efficiency steps taken over the last 10 years are helping the school save around 70 tonnes of CO2 a year. In 2008 an 11 kW wind turbine was installed to supply electricity along with a 30 kW solar thermal array to heat the swimming pool.

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In Scotland, Currie school’s wind turbine commissioned in May 2008 generated 16.5 MWh electricity in its first year of operation.
Learning about sustainable energy is integrated throughout the curriculum at Currie High School in Scotland.
Energy-saving pledges at Currie High School, Scotland
Phill Pache
School Business Manager
29 Dolphin avenue Currie
EH14 5RD Edinburgh
United Kingdom