Cabeólica, Cape Verde
Leading the way in wind-powered energy security

Small islands are often heavily dependent on expensive imported fuel to generate electricity. The public-private partnership of Cabeólica in Cape Verde off the West Coast of Africa has harnessed the country’s plentiful winds to help reduce diesel imports and increase energy security. In the company’s first year of commercial operation, 25.5 MW of wind farms have generated over a fifth of the electricity used across the four main islands – reaching more than 30 percent on two islands.

Investing in wind power is also helping stall the brain drain: Cabeólica is staffed entirely by Cape Verdeans, some of whom returned from overseas to take up professional jobs with the company.

Download the full case study PDF for this project:

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Blades for the wind turbines arriving in Cape Verde
11 MW wind farm on the island of Santiago
Cattle are allowed to graze around the wind turbines
Ana Monteiro
Head of Environment, Social and Administrative Department
Cabeólica SA
R Cidade do Funchal ASA CP 101/A
Cape Verde