Tisséo-SMTC, France
Weaving together sustainable journeys in Toulouse

‘Tisser’ means ‘to weave’ in French, and Toulouse transport operator Tisséo-SMTC has done just that – weaving together a comprehensive web of sustainable transport options to create a model low-carbon travel network. Aside from expanding and improving the public transport network, it works with businesses to help them incentivise employees to use more sustainable forms of transport.

What’s more, smart travelcards can be used across the whole transport network, including bicycle hire and storage as well as for buses and car parking. These measures combined have resulted in a phenomenal 80% increase in public transport journeys.

Download the full case study PDF for this project:

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Attractive new tram lines run along grassy areas next to cycle paths.
With the Carte Pastel, cycle hire costs just 20€ a year.
Smart travel cards pay for every possible form of transport in the city.
Aurore Asorey
EU Project Manager
United States