SteamaCo, Kenya
Remote-controlled microgrids for rural areas

Lake Victoria’s fishing villages and other rural communities in Kenya are benefiting from clean light and power for the first time, thanks to renewable energy micro-grids. Using the natural energy of the sun, they work like mini power stations for each village, supplying enough energy to run small businesses, as well as power TVs, radios and bright lights in the home. Solar power in East Africa is not new, but what’s exciting about SteamaCo is the technology behind it: the micro-grids use an innovative cloud-based remote metering and payments system that monitors energy use, lets people pay for power using their mobile phones, and quickly troubleshoots any problems. With around 80% of Kenyans lacking access to mains electricity, SteamaCo is helping to bring the benefits of clean energy to increasing numbers of off-grid customers.

Download the full case study PDF for this project:

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Sam Duby of SteamaCo receiving its award from David Poole of Citi
Solar PV power station using SteamaCo technology. Credit: SteamaCo
New business, such as this electronics repair shop, have been able to start up once reliable electricity was available.
Checking the SteamaCo hardware inside a power station.
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