Sky Link Innovators, Kenya
Biogas for homes and institutions

Deforestation is ravaging rural Kenya as people strip forests for vital cooking fuel. Yet biogas, produced from animal and human waste is a viable alternative. What is lacking is training and awareness. Sky Link is a social enterprise that builds and installs biogas plants. Sky Link also trains local technicians so that they have the skills to build biogas plants. 200 domestic biogas plants and six large-scale ones in schools and a prison have been sold benefiting at least 5,200 people. And, as impressively, wood use has been reduced by 800 tonnes per year resulting in an estimated 1,100 tonnes a year reduction in carbon emissions.

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Mixing water and manure for a 16m3 biogas plant, Ngecha village, Kiambu West, Kenya
Kabuku Farm’s 30m3 biogas plant, installed by Sky Link Innovators
Eating lunch cooked on biogas - Tania School, Kenya
Samwel Kinoti
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