Sustainable Energy Academy, Milton Keynes, UK
Giving period houses an energy saving makeover

The Sustainable Energy Academy has set up a network of refurbished hard-to-treat houses to convince policy makers and others that high energy savings are possible even in older properties. Each ‘Superhome’ owner has made carbon savings of around 70 percent and they act as exemplars by opening their home to visitors. Already in 2009, 36,000 visits had been made to the 28 Superhomes in the network, inspiring people to take similar action by showing them it’s possible to achieve lower energy bills and a better living environment by refurbishing your home. And with the numbers of Superhomes now nearing 100, the message is spreading fast.

Download the full case study PDF for this project:

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Sarah Harrison, ‘Superhome’ owner, London
Double-glazing can significantly increase the energy efficiency of old homes without spoiling their character
An efficient wood-burning stove is an effective low-carbon heating solution in old homes
John Doggatt
Natinonal Energy Centre Davy Avenue
MK5 8NG Milton Keynes
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