Proximity Designs, Myanmar
Energising agriculture to transform rural lives

Proximity Designs is introducing treadle pumps and other sustainable agriculture technologies to Myanmar for the first time. Lifting water from wells and carrying it across fields is back-breaking, time-consuming work for rural farmers. Combined with water-saving drip irrigation technology, foot-operated treadle pumps that draw up water from wells can dramatically increase yields and incomes.

Farmers are now seeing their lives transformed with some harvests and incomes more than doubling – and the pumps are helping ease the daily drudgery of farming. With over 90,000 households benefiting so far, Proximity Designs continues to adapt and introduce new products like solar pumps, to meet the needs of this rapidly changing country.

Download the full case study PDF for this project:

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Treadle pumps take the pain out of watering crops.
Solar pumps are the next step for Proximity.
Tanks can be filled to store the water for later use.
Jim Taylor
Proximity Designs
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