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A virtual power station

To keep the lights on, National Grid has to keep electricity demand and supply exactly in balance, and when faults occur a rapid response is needed – within two seconds! Traditionally this was provided by gas and coal power plants running below full power, so they can adjust output quickly, but this is inefficient, expensive and increases CO2 emissions. Open Energi has developed an alternative – cutting-edge software which can automatically switch energy-hungry equipment on or off when required, without disrupting business operations.

Large energy users like water companies identify which items of equipment are not time-sensitive in their operation and this equipment can then increase or decrease its consumption within agreed parameters to provide a rapid response service to National Grid.

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Download the full case study PDF for this project:

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Staff at National Grid keep a constant watch on UK electricity supply and demand at the control in Wokingham
Aeration lanes at Bolton Waste Water Treatment Plant, where Dynamic Demand is installed
Cathy McClay - head of commercial operations at National Grid
Mark Gilburt
Head of Sales and Marketing
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