Off Grid Electric, Tanzania
Mobile money powers solar expansion in rural East Africa

East Africa is emerging as a hotbed of creative solutions to meeting the energy needs of the poor. Mobile money – where customers pay with their mobile phones – is increasingly used as a method of payment.

Off Grid Electric is a leader in Tanzania, using mobile money to sell solar power as a daily service at an affordable price. But service doesn’t just mean the power itself. It also means exceptional customer service, including an all-day customer care telephone line and ongoing support from a local agent.

With more than 10,000 households taking up the service since April 2012, as fast as systems are manufactured they are off to customers – thanks to a sophisticated app-based customer registration and product tracking system.

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The Off.Grid: Electric founders Xavier, Erica and Graham.
Playing with the new lights.
Each customer has their own profile that can be updated remotely using apps.
Scanning in the sold products to be shipped out from the agents local shops.
F Xavier Helgesen
Off Grid Electric
PO Box 1100