Marches Energy Agency, Shrewsbury, UK
Galvanising communities to adopt low carbon lifestyle

The ‘Low Carbon Communities’ project run by Marches Energy Agency has mobilised six small communities to cut their carbon footprint by installing renewable energy, carrying out energy audits or creating eco businesses. A project worker is allocated to advise and motivate different sectors of the community on what they can do and local people are trained so they are equipped to continue the process. These communities have carried out 1,400 measures saving over 1,700 tonnes of CO2 a year.

Download the full case study PDF for this project:

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Engaging community groups is critical to the success of the MEA’s Low Carbon Communities programme
Thanks to advice from MEA Broome Park Farm B&B has installed a solar hot water system to heat water for them and their guests
MEA branding is familiar throughout the region
Richard Davies
Marches Energy Agency
The Pump House Coton Hill
SY1 2DP Shrewsbury , Shropshire
United Kingdom