Infosys, India
Leading the way in tackling India’s energy challenges

India’s fast-growing economy is making ever greater demands on its electric grid. Global IT giant Infosys is leading the way to more sustainable growth, decreasing electricity consumption per staff member by 44% across its Indian business campuses. Success lies in seizing every opportunity to reduce energy consumption in its existing buildings – from reducing the size of chiller plants for air conditioning, to painting roofs white to reflect the heat.

Cutting-edge design of new buildings also helps keep offices cooler and maximises natural light. With a phenomenal $80 million cut off its electricity bills, Infosys has made an unassailable business case for large companies to invest in energy efficiency – not just in India but across the globe.

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Infosys has cut its energy bills by a staggering $80 million since 2008.
Light shelves make the most of the sunlight, meaning fewer lights are needed.
Solar and heat pumps on the roof are used for hot water.
Deepali Dhuliya
Associate Manager, Green Initiatives
Electronics City, Hosur Road
560 100 Bangalore , Karnataka