Greenway Appliances, India
A customer-focused approach to meeting women’s energy needs

Despite rapid economic growth and uptake of consumer goods like televisions and mobile phones, most Indian women still cook with wood or dung. This is not only time-consuming: it produces health damaging smoke. Greenway Appliances was founded by two young MBA graduates in 2010 to make and sell affordable, desirable cookstoves that reduce smoke, cook more quickly and stay cleaner for longer, dramatically improving quality of life for women and girls.

Designed and made in India by Greenway, by March 2014 over 120,000 Smart stoves had been sold benefitting around 610,000 people.

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CEO Neha Juneja, talks to a focus group as part of the company’s extensive customer research.
Showing the difference between the old and new, cleaner cookstoves.
Demonstrating how easy the cookstoves are to use.
Neha Juneja
Greenway Grameen
301 Chawla Complex, Sector 15 CBD Belapur
400614 Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra