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Putting patients first drives energy saving behaviour

Improving patient care is the focus of this sophisticated behaviour change programme, first implemented at Barts Health NHS Trust in London, designed to help staff use hospital buildings as efficiently as possible. Operation TLC has embedded an energy-saving ethos into hospital culture by incentivising staff to ‘Turn off equipment, switch off Lights and Close doors’. The result: closed doors maintain privacy and lowered lights help patients sleep, while vital NHS funds are saved.

With a proven business case for action, there’s huge potential to roll out the model across the NHS, with accompanying benefits for patients, planet and the public purse.

Download the full case study PDF for this project:

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Lucy Aldrich-Smith and Chris Large are two of the core staff from GAP working with Barts Health NHS Trust.
Raising awareness about saving energy.
Moving into a new building was a big factor in developing the programme.
Lucy Aldrich-Smith
Programme Manager
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