Enertiva, Costa Rica
Solar water heaters help farmers keep dairies clean

Costa Rican dairy farmers are enjoying higher incomes thanks to new specially designed solar water heaters that supply hot water for washing their milking equipment and milk tanks. The cost of electricity is very high in Costa Rica, making heating water a major expense for a dairy farmer – but failing to use hot water would compromise the quality and cleanliness of their milk. Solar enterprise Enertiva developed the water heaters especially for the dairy farmers, teaming up with the milk-purchasing cooperative Dos Pinos, which lends the farmers the money to buy them. With the costs of the heaters paid back within a year from the saving in electricity, greater prosperity is coming to both the farmers and their communities.

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Hans Winiker of Enertiva receiving its award from Simon Pickard of the Waterloo Foundation
Enertiva’s solar water heater. Credit: Enertiva
The dairy equipment must have hot water pumped through it at regular intervals to keep it clean.
With pipework and large tanks, significant quantities of hot water are required for cleaning.
Alejandro Brenes
Co-Founder and CEO
Oficina Enertiva 36A Zapote
1521-1000 San Jose
Costa Rica