Ecotricity, UK
Revving up demand for electric vehicles

Vehicles powered by electricity generated from renewable sources will be an integral part of our low-carbon future. Eco entrepreneur and founder of Ecotricity Dale Vince decided to kick-start demand for electric vehicles by creating a new ‘Electric Highway’ – a network of fast-charging points across the UK motorway network. This has eliminated one of the biggest barriers to uptake of electric vehicles – the limited distance it’s possible to travel before having to re-charge.

By the end of 2014 there will be Ecotricity fast charging points at every motorway service station in Britain, marking a huge leap forward on the road to decarbonised travel.

Download the full case study PDF for this project:

Download Case Study PDF
Fast charging will be available at all motorway service stations by the end of 2014.
As well as providing the electricity pumps, Ecotricity also provide the sustainable energy.
CEO Dale Vince and Robert Llewellyn, a regular Ecotricity electricity pump user, charge a Nissan Leaf.
The dream is to have a fast-charge point in every parking space at every service station.
A fast charger takes around 20-30 minutes to fully charge your car, just enough time to grab a coffee.
Helen Taylor
Ecotricity Ambassador
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