Demand Logic, UK
Finding the needle in a haystack of energy data

Mining the information generated by most building management systems (BMS) found in large commercial buildings is usually like looking for a needle in a haystack. Many businesses waste huge opportunities to save energy and money. But Demand Logic has created a cloud-based system that plugs into the BMS and quickly identifies what it describes as ‘energy insanities’, like rooms being heated and cooled at the same time, or faulty equipment. Demand Logic then works with the building management team to develop a plan to fix them. This can generate huge savings: one of Demand Logic’s clients, Kings College in London, has cut an estimated £390,000 off its annual energy bill.

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Download the full case study PDF for this project:

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Joe Short of Demand Logic receiving its award from Ian Simm of Impax Asset Management
Joe Short, Demand Logic CEO, on the roof of One New Change, London.
Plant room at One New Change, London, a Land Securities building monitored by Demand Logic. Credit: Andrew Aitchison
Demand Logic's Data Aquisition Device (top left) being set up to monitor a building. Credit: Andrew Aitchison
Joe Short, Demand Logic CEO, beside a chiller unit on the roof of King's College London.
Joe Short
Demand Logic
Westgate House, 2a Prebend Street
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